Faculty is the prime factor which motivates and converts the potential of students in to productive, result oriented activity. Our well qualified and experienced faculty always give their best to the students to make them able to face the challenges in the nursing field.


lecture hall

The lecture halls of LSR PG college . provide the airy and academic atmosphere for students. They are equipped with modern teaching aids and provide an environment which is learner centered and convenient according to norms.



Our library house an enriching collection of text and reference materials for Students,journals, magazines, periodicals and research reports, which have been carefully selected from a number of national and international sources. The library provides a very healthy environment for reading and consulting. Photocopies facilities is also available.


computer lab

Our computer lab is equipped with TFT Normal Screens Computers on wireless LAN running with fast internet facility under the guidance of efficient faculty. Regular classes for students are conducted in fully developed Computer Lab with internet facility under the guidance of efficient faculty.



LSR PG College has 3 fully equipped Chemistry Laboratories in Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry. Sensitive balances of both the conventional physical type and the modern Electronic type capable of measuring +/- 1 microgram have been installed for precision gravimetric analysis. The necessary infrastructure like good water supply, waste water drainage, forced ducted ventilation and fume cupboards to ensure safety in the conduct of experiments has also been provided.



LSR PG College has four Physics Laboratories sections – the Mechanics, the Optics (with dark room) and the Electrical & Electronics laboratories.

Each Laboratory is equipped with the requisite apparatus and advanced measuring instruments to conduct experiments. Five sets of apparatus and measuring instruments have been allotted for each experiment. Relevant explanatory visual aids such as charts and transparencies are also provided.