Welcome to LSR PG College. We invite you to visit us any time- in person or through the website. In an increasingly competitive world, a good education is one of the most important assets a person can strive for. College education aims at providing students with necessary knowledge and skills that will enable them to become successful professionals. We offer students the opportunity to work towards achieving their professional dreams as well as open up space for all round growth. We firmly believe that the aim of education is to create wellrounded thinking individuals who face the challenges of the world in an informed manner and who see themselves as active participants and creators of society.

Our college is dedicated to offering quality education, including academic research and focus on needs and potential of the students, we aim to provide space , which is conducive to creativity and knowledge, to instill a sense of values that will be carried in workplace, to nurture respect for oneself and others. A College is a living organism, which grows and develops and reflects the dreams and aspirations of those, it is made up of. The highly qualified teaching faculty, modern laboratories, Wi-Fi enabled campus, a rich collection of books and access to on-line books and journals, Technology-Enhanced learning, microcomputer controlled data acquisition systems and student projects, amongst others make college education an enriching experience, an exchange of learning and opportunities to nurture innovative ideas. This has been the aspiration and dream of LSR PG College and we want you to become a part of it.

Er. Vishal bhardwaj
Executive Director